Tree Removal

Licensed & Insured

Five Star Tree & Lawn Service, LLC performs tree removal in a safe and efficent manner to ensure that people, structures, and environment are protected.

We carry a minimum of $1,000,000/$2,000,000 insurance policy and abide by OSHA and ANSI Z133 safety and professional standards.


Reason for tree removal can be the tree have grown to large for the space, tree is dead or dying, diseased, tree is causing a safety hazard, and the roots are damaging the driveway and plumbing.

Tree Pruning / Trimming

Crown Cleaning- Removing dead, dying, diseased, crowded, sickly branches from the crown of the tree which improves the health and beauty of the tree.


Crown Thinning- Selectively remove branches to remove light penetration and airflow throughout the crown.Thinning reduces wind resistance and help prevent storm damage to your trees.


Crown Rising- Removing the lower branches from a tree can provide better clearence for roofs, gutters, buildings, vehicles, walkways, and improve visibility.


Crown Clearing- Elimitating branches that interfere with wires, gutters, roofs, chimmys, windows, decks, or play areas is important to the health of the tree and to the safety and security of family and property.

Crown Reduction- Reducing the size of the tree and reshaping the tree crown is a important to tree health and safety issue when the tree suffers storm damage.

Tree Services

Stump Removal  (Grinding)

             Stump grinding is the most cost efficient way of removing the stump and exposed roots. We grind the stump 6 - 12 inches below the ground. After grinding the stump we can remove the mulch , fill in the hole with top soil, and lay grass seed.

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