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Mulching Service


              We offer mulch service with numerous options to choose from.

              We also build landscape mulch beds and improve your exsiting ones.


              We guarrentee a fast estimate and a quick turn around on all mulch jobs.

Other Services

Debris / Brush / Leaf Removal

           Got yard waste? Do you want to return your yard to spectacular condition? We will come by pick up and haul away your yard waste, downed limbs and trees. 


           Is your yard ovegrown with brush? Five Star Tree & Lawn Service, LLC can come along and cut the bush down and haul it away.


           Fall leaf clean up is a dreaded yearly task. Raking leaves into a pile is hard work, but the challege of bagging them and disposing of them is simply back breaking. Simplify your life by letting Five Star Tree & Lawn Service, LLC do the hard work. We will clean up your entire property using high velocity gas powed blowers and take away the leaves. If you don't mind raking leaves but need help with the bagging process, simply rake them to the curb and we will come by and pick them up.

Hedge Trimming / Bush Trimming

              Why not have a great looking flower bed and bushes to go along with your well manicued lawn.

              Shrubs shall be pruned as necesary to maintain the natural form of the plant. Maintain growth within space limitation and to eliminate damaged or dieased wood.

              Its important to pay attention to detail when trimming hedges.Tell us what shape you want them and we will trim them round or rectangle. Your hedge row will be straight and level.

              We also make sure the flower beds are cleaned up after trimming.


Five Star Tree & Lawn Service, LLC