Aeration / Seeding

             Aeration is an important part of having an elegant looking turf. The aeration process breaks up compacted soil and allows air and nutrients tp absorb into the soil. Aeration can be done anytime during the year except during times of high heat to improve the soil. The best the time aerate are the spring and fall time inconjuction with overseeding. Proper aeration should be done with a plug core aeration machine. The plugs should be 4 inches apart which means prpoer aeration takes time. The proper technique for be should be to slightly overlap parallel paths and then perpendicular.


  • Improves air exchange between the soil and atmosphere.
  • Enhances soil water uptake.
  • Improve fertilize uptake in use.
  • Reduce swater runoff and puddling.
  • Stronger turf grass roots.
  • Reduce soil compaction.
  • Induceheat and drought stress tolerance.
  • Improve resiliency and cushioning.



           Warm season grasses grow best in the southern region and main growing for these types of grasses in the summer when the soil tempertaure is between 70-90 degree and the air temperature is 80-95 degrees fahrenheit.Warm season grasses become dormant with the onset of cooler weather.

           Cool season grasses thrive in northern areas as well as high elevation in the south. The main growing period for cool season grass is in the spring and fall when the soil temperature is 50 - 65 degrees fahrenheit and air temerature 60-75 degrees. During the summer time the higher temperature make the grass slowgrowth and some go dormant.

Lawn Services

Lawn Mowing

See The Difference

Our standard lawn care service includes mowing your entire yard, line trimming around all trees, post and fencing, ect.

To make sure the job gets done right our unifored crews follow a 12 point checklist.

We edge all sidewalks patio and drivewayswitha blade edger and clean up all trimming.


We use mulching mowers and only bag when necessary.


We offer a weekly and biweekly mowing program. Contact us fro an estimate.


Why do we leave the grass clippings?

           Grass clippings decompose and return vital nutrients to the turf. Your grass needs a maximum of 3lb of nitrogen per 1000 sqft per year. Grass clipping provide 1lb of nitrogen which save you time an money.

Why sharpen the mower blades?

            Our mowers are well maintained and the blades are sharpen daily. By sharpening the mower blades the grass is cut cleanly. Dull blades rough cut the grass blades raising the potentional for disease.


Do you change mowing direction?

             We record the mowing direction every time we mow the lawn. By changing the direction your lawn does not develop tire and cut wear spots in the lawn.


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